I sit here at my desk on a Friday morning and some how, some way, it seems like I’m at a crossroads.

It’s February in Ohio, dark, dank, cold and depressing, I’m in serious need of some sunshine and sand between my toes. I don’t feel like working for clients that don’t respect me today. I pity the fool that comes in here and ask me to make to “pop” today. Question my pantone color selection and you may see 185 red. Don’t ask me stupid questions or say to me “don’t mind me asking”. I fucking mind today.

Is this the midlife crises that I have been expecting like the onset of type 2 diabetes? Is this what I’m feeling?

I don’t expect you to answer for me. I will grapple with this myself and today I write a story about it. Comment if you want but know that I am doing this for me and me alone.

So, I turned 50 two and half years ago, we had a party, I drank way too much tequila. I was hung over for 3 days. I had fun and I think everyone there did too. Linda certainly did, she has not touched the Patron since. It was a mix of my westside buddies minus a few of my best old friends, my FNC buddies and my newly adopted HP/Mt Lookout/Kilgour Parents that have diced that I’m OK for a westsider, conservative. I expect that to be the start of my midlife thingy. It wasn’t.

It’s happening now.

But it’s not what I expected. I’m not looking to cheat on my wife or leave my family. I love her and my kids so much.

I’m not looking to buy a Harley and some leather chaps and get a tat and an earring? I’d rather have a Stella scooter- all tricked out. I’m sure all my friends with new motorcycles would be aghast at me riding with them in a sissy red Poe’s scooooter. Don’t care. aha.

I’ve also started to go to mass on Sundays. I’ve been to a different church each Sunday. Big beautiful Catholic churches all over the city. It’s been thirty five years since I’ve really got down on my knees and prayed. That’s been good, but I’m noticing that it’s much more emotional than I remember. I can’t explain that. Something changing deep inside me and it’s good. Very good, but I’m starting to act like the new speaker of the house, if you can see what I’m saying’. I’ve never been a cry baby till now.

And then there’s politics and the world revolution and the bumbling presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. It bugs to no end how callus and lawless that man has been. I should not let things that I have not control of bother me but for the first time on my life I am actually freaked out about what’s going on in the world. I was not a big W fan but I’d take him back in a New York minute over this progressive ass wipe. Hell, I’d rather have bill Clinton(not Hillary-wfw).

And I thought I would feel better after this November’s historic shellacking.

I don’t.

Not with all this greedy thuggish union protesting going on in WI and now my state, OHIO. I’m a proud tea party member and I’m pissed off at the mockery that is happening. This is not about the middle class worker’s American Dream being taken away by evil GOP Governors, it’s about the unions that work for the government contributing to their healthcare and retirement like we all do. Union busting, OK damn right, screw them and their socialist agenda and sheer bribery of the Democratic party. And for the cowards that leave their states to avoid a vote, cut them off, fire them, fuck em. Yes that’s angry rhetoric. Not civil. What they are doing is not right and it’s about time somebody stands up agains the stupidity that’s going on.

And that fact that gas prices will necessarily skyrocket this summer, I’m going to get me the Stella. It’s all by design by the progressive movement to cause chaos-buttom up, top down, inside out(the heart part). Why are we not drilling for oil everywhere right now? Obama and his minions like Cal Sunstein has regulated it out of business. EPA is regulating against the will of the people. Obama’s decided that he will decide what’s constitutional and what’s not. WTF? His healthcare bill now stand unconstitutional according to the law. That has not been overturned yet, I don’t think it will be, it’s over as far as I’m concerned.

I’m going to deal with this anger. Have to. Thank GOD we have the internet and other than mainstream media to get our news from. My guys won the election and I will stand with Gov. Kasich. And in less than two years we throw the bum out of the white house and clean up the mess that the left always leaves behind.

Hopefully then I will have found a new direction for my life. Maybe teaching, or art.

Look out world, I’m getting a scooter.