I’m big enough to say that I made a mistake yesterday with a post on Facebook. Hopefully, I can remedy that mistake by offering this apology and posting this story.
Yesterdays post:
Shut ‘er down Mr. Speaker. Don’t back down, I’ve got your back.

and then I posted an article about how the shutdown is not really a shut down. You can find that link here:

Where's the Senate Budget Bill, Harry. We passed ours 40 days ago!

Both these posts got the normal right/left bloviation as usual from the usual suspects. It makes for good reading throughout a rather boring advertising day. Poking liberal/progressives with a stick is fun, it’s a hobby.

But sometimes I go too far, I write things without fully thinking out the ramifications of how my words effect the people around be. I can be insensitive, a bully, my family says that I “bark”. I’m working on not being so negative. I’ve stopped posting to the “Party of No.org”. Although I still keep those core values of small gov/personal responsibility.
I got an email for a good friend who works for the government, he let me have it. He’s super smart, conservative and has a serious job protecting us from evil.
He writes:
“Hey Keidel, as a fed, I’ll tell you that everything won’t go on as usual if a shutdown happens. Although you’re absolutely right – This could have all been avoided if the Dems simply passed their budget last year. As someone that is going to be directly affected by this (my family as well and most of the people in DC), I find this infuriating. Governments shouldn’t be so fucking infective that they shut down.”
“In this economic climate, it’s actually quite unlikely that the Republican led congress will reimburse our salaries, especially those voted in by the Tea Party movement. So federal employees, as disliked as we may be by the masses, are being used as “pawns” by the politicians. Personally, and obviously unobjectively, I find it infuriating. We vote those sonofabitches into their benefit-filled positions so they can pass budgets and make laws and they simply don’t do their jobs, but they still get paid, still have benefits. I do my job, daily and I lose my salary and my benefits. And I’m hung out to dry to cover my mortgage, rent, car payment, daycare, etc.”
Double wo.
A shutdown is a big deal. And it’s going to make things a mess. Fuck, if people think that your average federal process takes a long time now, I can guaran-damn-tee you that once federal employees are brought back on from the shutdown, depending on how long that is, it’s going to be a long time before they’re caught up and serving the public in a timely fashion.
Just my two cents pal. How’s everything else by you and your fam? All good?”
Ok, my eyes are wide open. Point taken. I sent back a note that I would cover his mortgage and buy a diaper or two, which I would gladly do. He would never ask though.
My brother Johnny works for the DOD. He’s may to be furloughed too.
I put in a call to him, he’s in Israel, getting the “Iron Dome” working.

Dang, I’m a dumbass sometimes.

So I stand corrected, humbled. The government shut down is a big fucking deal, it affects all the employees that count on getting a well earned paycheck. Most work hard at what they do especially those who are protecting my family.
BUT. My main point stands. The 2011 budget battle that looms large should have been waged last summer, when Obama, Pelousi and Reid had control of the three branches. They punted on passing a budget. They attempted to cement in the HUGE budget raises from the year before with CR’s. It cost some of them their jobs. To this day, the US Senate has not passed a budget bill for 2011, the HR has. What do you think the Tea Party was bitchin’ about. The spending under Obama/Reid/Pelousi/and fucking Bush was insane and is unsustainable.

I'm smarter than you, dawg.

President Obama has not led, rather voted present like he always has. He knows that his policies have nearly bankrupted the nation. Pelousi on the other hand does not, she’s the dumbest person in congress. Reid is a hack. Bush deserves some blame, yes, I said that. ¬†Who’s to blame for the shutdown? Obama, Reid and Pelousi. They need to do their job and put forth a real budget. They haven’t done their job.

I hope they come to an agreement and the government does not close. I DO NOT want the Speaker to cave in though. He’s trying to do the right thing. Let’s get past this and on to the bigger battle, the one to save the USA.

Ryan has put a brilliant plan out there, where’s Obama’s Plan? Where Reid and Pelousi’s plan? Get back to fucking work. Work through the weekend, all of you.
I’ll give you till Monday!~