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There’s no need to mock me.

Nothing like driving into work, listening to NPR, to get my blood boiling. I think that’s why I love the Stella commute so much, no radio, just me and the road, but that’s another story, another blog.

This story is a about respect or lack there of. As you may know, I post a weekly forum on Facebook on Tuesdays called Polituesday. It’s a lively day of politics, points and counterpoints, passions and emotions with a smattering of propaganda and one sided facts.

As of late, it is a scrum and not so much fun anymore. Not just Polituesday but everyday becomes a mockumentary. People behind their computers say the most heinous things knowing that I can’t reach through their monitors to smack them around.

I personally try not to demean or mock the people that disagree with me. I make a point, listen and then counter point. I know that I am not going to change some people’s mind or position, I attempt to respect their opinion even though I occasionally want to strangle them.

President Obama is mocker. He makes fun of the American people that totally disagree with his ideology. There’s no need for that. A satirical leader is not a leader worth following, he’s a bully. The Tea Party was fostered because we disagreed with the Stimulus which was just a payback to public service unions across the country,  the bank & automotive bailouts, the Affordable Healthcare act, the Cap and Trade tax on energy consumption, the Fed’s destruction of the dollar and the explosion of entitlement programs that we cannot afford anymore. It’s not the Nazi party or extreme in any fashion.

The choices of this election could not be more stark, not snark. The progressives want a government centered society where the field is leveled, everybody deserves their fair share. And everyone pays their fair share. The government and their smart bureaucrats run the show to make it fair, the wealth is spread around so no one is left behind. Income has to be equalized, it’s only fair. They should change the Democratic Part to the Fair Party(OK that was snarky, sorry).

I can respect this position, but I don’t agree with it. So why don’t I get the respect for my position?

The conservative agenda is one of free enterprise, individual responsibility and opportunity. A people centered society where we take care of those in need by helping them get back on their feet. We want a small, limited government that is off the back of small business and not in our Dr’s office. We think that we know better how to spend OUR hard earned money than the government and we would like to keep more of it. Notice that I am not talking about the GOP, they are the problem as well. They don;t want the government to be right sized because they will have to give up their power too. We have the constitution on our side. Eventually we will either prevail of this country. as we hanse known it for 220 years will cease to exist. I believe that.

So what’s the point here. That’s simple and complex.

I’m not going to put up with this crap anymore:

Keidel, you are a freakin’ mess, dude…get a grip already. for crissakes, I see you constantly popping up on Jamie’s stuff, and nothing but diarrhea ever comes out of your brain.


hmmmm remind me not to suggest this agency to any producers

Why should I put up with that?

I’m going to reconsider what being my Facebook friend really means. My real friends make fun of me but don’t openly mock me. I’m a big boy, I can handle the heat. I like politics but I’m not crazy about the level of discourse. So you can expect me from time to time to take my postings and go away to post another day. I’m not running away, I’m taking notice.

If you are consistently a dick, I’m going to toss you to the curb and ban you from posting to my threads. I hate to lose actual friends over politics, but if you’re mean spirited, condescending, holier than thou OR you let your foul mouth friends belittle me, well what kind of friend are you anyway?

I am changing the course of Polituesday starting today. I’m going to attempt to lay out the Romney agenda. Feel free to disagree. But keep it civil, at least on my thread. Please agree to disagree but respect my position. That’s all I could ever ask for.

Thank You, President Barack Hussein Obama.

After the last couple of weeks of political folly with both conventions, all the talking head punditry and bloviating, I thought today would be a good day to give thanks.

First and formats, I’d like to thank President Barack Hussein Obama. Thank you Mr. President for being exactly who you are and by governing with such a blindingly liberal/progressive ideology that I was awakened and called to action. To stop you.

Thank you for breaking your GITMO promise, we don’t want those terrorists here on the mainland. And thanks for not trying them in NYC-how are those trials going?

Thank you Mr President for rebuking any partisan cooperation by proclaiming “I Won” on your first and only meeting with the GOP, during the stimulus planning.

Thank you for the stimulus, 800 billion for shovel ready jobs, roads and bridges to nowhere. Because of you cities and and states could add public union employees for a year only to be laid off when the stimulus money was gone. Thank you for cash for clunkers program that took so many perfectly good used cars out of service. Thanks for directing some TARP cash to GM and Chrysler and saving all those union jobs and hosing the bondholders. Thanks for the Chevy Volt, the Solendra of autos that loses 40k per auto. Thanks for giving Chrysler to Fiat, the Italians are happy to have icons like JEEP. Good job, would you like a participation trophy?

Thank you President Barack for apologizing for all the terrible deeds we have done to all the nations of the world. Did that do any good? Does the world love us anymore now than under President Bush?

Thank you Mr President for appointing so many communists to the White House staff, Thanks for Holder the racist, Geitner the tax cheat, Napolitano, the sexist, Van Jones, the useful idiot and especially, thanks for Val Jarrett for pulling your strings. And thanks to all the behind the scene players at the Center for American Progress, the Tides Foundation, the Open Society- funded by George “evil dude” Soros. What a lovable guy.

A special thanks to your wife, Michelle, for demonizing the fact that I am fat because I eat what I want. I like McDonalds, White Castle and Taco Bell.

Thank you for being such an arrogant asshole, you fired up the sleeping conservative universe, you gave rise to the Tea Party, you made Glenn Beck a household name, you ignored the economy to satisfy the urge to take over the healthcare industry.

Thank you so much, President Barry, for the unconstitutional Affordable Health Care Act? Thanks for making me pay 10 years for only 6 years of benefits, for putting my health and my family’s health the the hands of unknown and unelected bureaucrats. I have a colonoscopy scheduled, would you like to put your 2 cents in? I could use the minerals and change.

Thank you for offering such great welfare entitlements, unemployment benefits, food stamps and the free stuff so people can just give up on finding meaningful work. Why work with all the Obama cash around? Vote for me and you live off the other workers for free. Thanks for putting the word unattainable in my vocabulary.

Thanks for mocking me, calling me an extremist, idiot, whacko just because I disagree with everything you believe in. Thanks for the truth squad site. You have emboldened me and millions like me. Thanks for opening my eyes to the progressive lies and distortions and policies that have NEVER worked anywhere in history.

Thanks for putting Pelosi and Reid in charge of the country while you vacationed and golfed and skipped your daily security briefings. We tossed out Speaker Pelosi in 2010 and Reid will go in 2012, thanks to you.

Thanks for dissing our allies like Great Britain and Israel. Who needs friends that have our back when we have the Arab Spring to nurture and support.

Thanks for Joe Biden who, makes Sarah Palin look like a Rhode Scholar. He’s one heartbeat away for your job. Tell Joe to knock off the Osama’s dead football spiking, he’s hurting the feelings of the Islama-terrorists around the world.

Thanks for spending 5 trillion that we don’t have. We’re borrowing it from our children and their children not China. Without us, there is no world economy. Thanks for making the 8% (really 15%) unemployment the new “reality”.

Thank you President Barack Hussein Obama. Enjoy your retirement.

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