Back in the day, I made a website to learn what this www thing is all about all about. I still don’t know, it’s a moving evolving thing. It’s like trying to describe what chocolate tastes like or holding water in your hands.

AdMojo stands for Advertising, Michel’s only job opportunity. It’s what I do. you can get to it here:

This site has changed quite a bit over the past 12 years or so, so have I.

So my site is a portfolio with lots of stuff that I have created over the years, there’s print ads and tv spots from way back. If you are from Cincinnati, you will remember them. There’s also some stuff about me and what I believe. I’m working on an archive site with all the old sites to laugh at, believe me there’s a whole bunch of stuff to laugh at.

You facebook friends think you know me, but you don’t, becasue I too am evolving.

There are quite a few stories on this WP blog that you may or may not have perused, check them out too.

Thanks for looking, if you need some creativity, give ma call.