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Mother-letters from her children on Mother’s day

My two kids wrote letters to their Mom on Mother’s day.

I didn’t edit, just added some pix and posted.




Linda Kay Keidel. Where can I start? She’s an extraordinary mother, whose confidence and outgoing personality can’t be matched by anyone else. She is loved by everyone in her family and not, and has many friends who thinks she is great.

Even though we argue and bicker at times, I still know she loves me. I hope she knows too, cause even at the moments when we fight, she’s still my one and only mother and I love her to the fullest. Its wrong that we are rude to each other, it should stop, cause I know its what we both want. If we could only come to peace with each other, and not let the little things that get to us make our mother/son relationship strained, it would be perfect.

One great thing about my Mother is that she is always there for me and Ellie. Whenever one of us need something or need help/advice, she’s there and willing to drop what she’s doing to come and help us. Not many people can say that their mom is that generous and selfless, but fortunately we can. She might not always know how to help, but however she can possibly make it better, she will.

Words cannot really describe the respect I have for my mother. She works long days and nights going places that are far from home, and that can’t be easy. She comes home and its back to the same old grind, she doesn’t complain or bark about being tired and drained like any normal person would. That makes being with her after a Paris trip much more easier (hehe).

My Mother’s parenting skills are much different than others’ I have seen. They are great, she nurtures and loves her children and treats them with compassion, but should eventually realize that they’e growing up and need to be slowly given more freedom. She already somewhat knows this, but as the time goes by and we get more and more mature, we should be treated like adults (kinda). This is when our state of being as a child relying on their mother for everything blossoms into a relationship where we are all equal beings, and can talk to each other as equals, not as an adult talking down to a child, and the other way around.

There are many more things that make her a wonderful mother and person. She is pretty hip with the styles, she’s the mom who my friends think is really nice and cool, she’s into many interesting hobbies and what not. I can’t put into words how much I love my mother. Happy mother’s day mom, I love you and you are so great! Keep on keeping on, and never change. You are a fantastic mom!




Mother’s Day is a day when we celebrate our moms and the wonderful things they do. It’s about all the occupations they take up at a time and how amazing they do it all. They are a tutor, a chef, a coach, a mentor, a role model, a motivator, a planner, a negotiator, an entertainer, a boss, a psychiatrist, a counselor, and a friend (that’s only naming a few). They care for us and do everything they can do to send us down the right path for a bright and happy future.

What I love about my mother, Linda Kay Keidel, is that she can do anything she puts her mind to. She recently took up knitting as one of her hobbies. She had some trouble in the beginning but kept trying and eventually got the hang of it. I do make fun of her sometimes, guilty as charged, but I really am proud of her for trying and succeeding at something new. I look up to how determined she was when she first started.

What I love about Mom is that she can play both good cop and bad cop. That means that she is such a sweet person, but when she needs to be, she will pound on you like there’s no tomorrow. I say that in the nicest way possible. But even though she can snap over the silliest things at times, she is a nice, genuine person with a good heart that I am lucky to have.

I absolutely love how supportive my mom is. No matter how hard things get with me and/or the fam, she can always make it better. She stands by me no matter WHAT I do, and she’s always there for me. With everything that has happened, from school to the (possibly) upcoming surgery, she’s been so caring and understanding and she helps me through the good and the bad situations.

I love how my mom and I are almost the same person, and I don’t mean by genes but personality wise. Sure we have a 40 year age difference but whatever. Of course we argue and disagree on things, like when we looking for clothes and I like something she doesn’t or vise versa. Or how she schedules things into my Ellie Time. Or how we can’t agree on what to watch on TV. Okay that’s mostly Dad but that can relate with her too. But we mostly like the same things. We both love the same music, we both love getting our nails done, we both have somewhat of the same style, we both like modern things but we have an eye for antiques as well, we both like Dr. Phil, we both can’t live without a certain pair of shoes, and we both love changing it up a bit once in a while. I remember this one time when I was around 8, and Mom want me to get a hair cut, but we wanted different styles. She wanted a completely different look. So I cut my own hair instead of getting her idea. I thought it was funny but she wasn’t too happy. But we’re over that by now. And we both can be absolutely insane. I’m like the mini-mommy. And I love that.

I also love my mom’s job. She has such a cool job as a flight attendant. She’s been at it for what… 30 years? She gets to go to all my favorite places. She goes to Paris at least once every 2 months. I personally would LOVE to go to Paris because I’ve never been but going there is like a norm to her. She knows the airport like the back of her hand. She gets paid to travel the beauties of the world. I’m the teeniest bit jealous of her job. But the down is that she’s always tired, as she tells us. She gets up at 4am every time she has to work. But that really is the only down. My friends are always saying, “Your mom’s a flight attendant? That’s so cool! She’s so lucky! I wish I could do that.” and I think about how I would to but I could never do it as well as she does. There is more I love about my mom but that would take far far too long to write!

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others, but who’s place no one can take.” I saw this quote online on Facebook and I think it’s absolutely true. No one can replace my mom. She holds a dear place in my heart. She’s the queen of my heart and she rules my heart (also found on Facebook but hey, I liked it and I mean it). Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world but ESPECIALLY to my beautiful, amazing Mom who gave me life and loves me unconditionally, who even in my worst, brings out my best. Who can be the coolest mom and the lamest mom at the same time. Any other mom has been through nothing you have and yet you still stick by me! I love you most Mom! I hope you have a great, fantabulous day and I love you with all my heart! You’re at the top of the list of the people I love. Sorry Dad. Sorry Cary. Sorry Trudy. The next best thing to having you as mom is for my kids to have you as a grandma. You’ll always the best mom anyone could ask for. I LOVE YOU!!


My Mom is great

Today’s the day that we think about our Moms in a special way. We should think about them in a special day everyday.

There will be two posts today, this one for my Mom and another one for Linda, written by both Cary and Ellie.

Sure we could have bought a card, or some flowers but we figured that writing stories about our mom and being there when she got home from Paris would be better. I didn’t tell them what to say, they wrote them on there own and I copied and pasted onto the blog. Make sure you give the other blog a read, I’m proud of my kids for putting their heart into it.


My Mom is great.

She’s Italian by default but so much more. My mom has style & flair(so does my wife, but that’s another story). Rose Marie Campagna Keidel is like no one else I know. She can be loving and sweet and make you feel guilty in the same moment.

My brothers and I had an idyllic childhood in a wonderful neighborhood, ina small town west of Cincinnati.
My parents brought us up to bei individuals, giving us enough rope to hang ourselves and in deed letting us fail and learn from our  failures.

My mom is creative in everything she does, everything. I get that creativity from her and my grandma, Gertrude Keidel. Everything she does is beautiful or delicous. Her pies are a work of art, her cakes put the BonBonnerie to shame. Her house is a treasure trove of wonderful things, each was hand picked and has a story. The lady can cook.

My mom crazy in a good way. Crazy about how things should be when in reality, her instincts are usually spot on. My mom would wish we were like other families when we were really better than those families.


My mom is loving but she doesn’t always show it or say it.

I love you mom,

she knows it. I know she loves me.

So here’s to you mom and all you other moms out there.

We wouldn’t be who we are with out you.

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