I don’t think I want to be republican anymore…

I will never, ever be a democrat either. Seems to me, both parties are out of touch with me, freaked out about losing their power structure to a bunch of decent grandmas and grandpas, moms & dads, you know the astro turf gang of haters and racists that I more than identify with. Would you like some tea?

I got FB defriended by both the Hamilton County Republican party fan page and their leader, Alex Triantafilou. Just for speaking my mind on their establishment elite, GOP threads. Actually, I was just trying to warn against using the evil political tool box of negative advertising.

I hate negative advertising, passionately..

It’s a pity, I wanted to help them with their story telling, guide them to the power of positive imaging, where you talk about what’s great about who we are and how we can make our little patch of grass always green even during the harsh summer recession.

John Kasich fell for the trap of Strickland’s lies, hell, Drehaus calls himself a fiscal conservative and voted for the porkulas, Obamacare and the financial bailout and reform, you’ve got to be kidding me. Chabot distorts Drehaus, on and on-blah blah blah. Enough already, i’ve had enough. Don’t fucking tell me who I can or can’t trust because I trust neither right now.

The great candidateThings are changing, the tea party, especially the Cincinnati Tea party has really made a difference and it is a force to be reconded with. Mike Wilson is an excellent candidate, he’s not in my district, I’d vote for him twice if I could. We need to clone him or find people just like him (they are out there in the Tea Party, but they are shy.)

I want to vote for the candidate who is honest, not over promising, someone who offers a common sense approach, conservative, conservative and conservative. If the republican not RINO, fits the bill, they have my vote. Conservative Democrat(oxymoron), maybe.  Progressive, no way in hell.

I truly believe that our governments are out of control and have to be neutered or spayed. Give the power of my life back to me.

That goes for  City, County, State and Federal. There needs to be someone who stands up to the Public service unions and SEIU and tells them that they sold their membership a lie…the American people are not going to pay for a 80% pension for a 55 year-old for the rest of their life or pick up 100% of their healthcare. Not happening. I want to see less government, less taxes, a lot less spending, less nannyism and idiotic unfunded mandates and regulation.

I will no longer put party over principal. When asked my party affiliation, I’m a conservative, when asked my race, I say American.