That seems to be the question these days.

To me, it’s becoming more and more of a personal choice. I find myself keeping it close to my chest and not sharing. What matters to me is what makes me the guy that I am.

So here’s a list of things that don’t matter to me, in fact it meets the official “Jimmy cracked corn and I don’t care” mantra.

Kneeling or standing for the National Anthem. 2157889318001_5117688475001_5117687479001-vs
It doesn’t matter that multimillionaire kids disrespect our nation and flag. Screw ‘em. Kneel to the cross, stand for our flag!

Black lives matter.
They don’t matter anymore than anyone else. Everybody’s lives matters to themselves and their families. Time to stop protesting and make your lives better by being positive and working hard towards a worthy,small,215x235-pad,210x230,f8f8f8.lite-1

So you’re insulted-you take offense(to everything, it seems).
Who cares, I know you do, but life is like that. Quit bitchin’ all the time.

Go ahead and resist, what does that do to bring change in your world? Doesn’t matter, never did.

Boycott!(see above).

President Trump said or tweeted something stupid. So what? He’s a bidonald-trump-vrea-ca-apple-sa-produca-in-sua-645x325g mouth New Yorker. What did you expect? There’re tons of stupid things being said in DC, every day. It doesn’t matter. Vote for the person you think can make a positive difference. That’s all we can do.

Hollywood/Recording Artists thinks we care what THEY think. Seriously? Doesn’t matter one bit what Kanya says or Ellen or anybody.

Insurance sucks for everybody. I do care about this but nothing can be done until fair pricing for services, drugs and procedures bd-syringe_-21-gauge_-3cc_-1-needle-100-countare posted and competition is at play.

My point here is that outside forces try to tell us what’s important. It’s not important, your life is important, your family’s important. Your friends are important. Your job is somewhat important as long as it helps take care you you and your family. I think having God in my life is important but that’s me, I’m not forcing my faith on you. Although it may do you some good:.)

So today, here’s to what’s important! It should be personal, keep it to yourself if you want or not.
Thanks for reading,
God bless you.
Good Day.